Case Studies

These case studies illustrate how our expertise can be applied to practical problem solving.

Compound development

Investigation of treated nanoclays in rubber (PDF - 132KB)
Use of treated organo clays to improve the permeation resistance of rubber compound

Failure analysys

Weld failure investigation (PDF - 192KB)
Evaluation of the ability of parts to weld together and why they might not

Chemical analysis product failure (PDF - 212KB)
Investigation of blisters on a customer part

Specialist testing

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (PDF - 24KB)
The use of DMA to understand product functionality

Engineering hose dynamics (PDF - 236KB)
Using customized testing to plot and tune the hoses dynamic behaviour

Development of Aerosol corrosion test (PDF - 52KB)
Simulation of galvanic corrosion and quantification of its effects

Process applications

Hose extrusion process (PDF - 176KB)
Using Rheology to understand the root causes of feeding and output rate issues

TPE / Thermoset co-extrusion (PDF - 28KB)
Development of a TPE lined, thermoset rubber hose for co-extrusion

Effect of straining on viscosity of a rubber compound (PDF - 28KB)
Measurement of the effect of additional processing of rubber compound

Mould sticking of rubber compound (PDF - 24KB)
Special test procedures allow the evaluation of rubber metal interaction during cure