Our Pedigree

Avon Dairy Solutions has a rich history. Avon itself started in the rubber industry in 1885 and grew alongside the burgeoning rail and automotive industries.

Manufacture of liners and tubing for the dairy industry started in the 1920’s. We became the supplier to virtually all the original equipment manufacturers.

Avon acquired Hi-Life Rubber in the USA in 1997 and was then positioned as the largest manufacturer of dairy liners and tubing in the world. This facility is the largest continues to make liners and tubing.

In the year 2000 Avon moved from its old headquarters on the banks of the River Avon in England, to a brand new purpose built factory at Hampton Park West in the UK, where all of Avon Dairy Solutions manufacturing for Europe now takes place.

This facility also houses our research centre – ARTIS, where we undertake fundamental research into the performance of our rubber materials, liners and tube products.

We are able to draw on the experience of the whole Avon Rubber Group to give us a leading edge in quality and consistency.

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