Avon Protection Systems

Avon Protection Systems

Avon Protection is the recognised global market leader in advanced Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory protection systems technology for the world’s military, homeland security, first responder, fire and industrial markets. With an unrivalled pedigree in mask design dating back to the 1920’s, Avon Protection’s advanced products are the first choice for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) users worldwide and are placed at the heart of many international defence and tactical PPE deployment strategies.


Our respiratory protection products are sold direct to military markets where our primary customer is the DOD (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coastguard and Air Force) as well as a number of approved governments globally. Other significant markets are categorised under the first responder banner and include law enforcement and other emergency services and are addressed either directly or through distribution channels. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and thermal imaging equipment is targeted at fire services and other industrial users, primarily through a distribution network. All of these products are safety-critical and the markets are consequently highly regulated with the approval standards creating significant barriers to entry. Product life cycles are long and standardisation to a particular product by users is typical.


Our Protection & Defence business consists of a growing range of respiratory products. The main products are respirators or gas masks (product names M50, C50, M53 and FM12) together with a range of spares and accessories; the NIOSH-approved emergency hood (NH15 and NH15 CO); rebreathers for escape and underwater use; and SCBA (primarily the Deltair product range and ST53). We also manufacture the consumable filters used by these products and thermal imaging camera equipment. The respirators and escape hoods offer breathing protection to varying degrees against CBRN threats while the SCBA equipment offers protection in oxygen depleted environments. We also have a flexible fabrications business which manufactures hovercraft skirts and fuel and water storage tanks.

Product Development

Our product development combines the skills and expertise of our design and engineering teams to enhance our product range for multiple users in different threat scenarios.

Our unique CBRN/CO Escape Hood which received NIOSH approval during the year provides protection against both CBRN and carbon monoxide in a small, lightweight and portable package which has applications for a range of customers across law enforcement, industrial and corporate markets.

We are developing a multi-capability mine counter-measures diving rebreather for use by the military.

We continue to enhance our suite of modular personal protection comprising smaller modules with multiple functionalities that can be combined or used independently.

We expect this modular approach to further extend our market reach into the military, law enforcement and first responder protective equipment market for air, land or sea based users.

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