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iMilk700 parlour

Our world-leading Dairy supplies business and its Milkrite | InterPuls brand has a global market presence. With a long history of manufacturing liners and tubing for the dairy industry, we have become the leading innovator and designer for products and services right at the heart of milking. The acquisition of InterPuls in 2015, a specialist in electro-mechanical milking components, such as pulsators, milk meters, automatic cluster removers and milking clusters, has added significantly to our product range, making us the complete milking point solutions provider, improving every farm we touch.

Working with leading scientists and health specialists in the global dairy industry, we continue to invest in technology to further improve the milking process and animal welfare. Our products provide exceptional results for both the animal and the milker, making the milk extraction process more efficient. As our market share and milking experience continue to grow, so does our global presence.


Our Dairy business designs, manufactures and sells products and services used in the automated milking process. We are the complete milking point solutions provider, supplying rubberware, such as liners and tubing, and electro-mechanical components, such as pulsators, milk meters, automatic cluster removers and milking clusters.

Our consumable products come into direct contact with the cow and the milk and are replaced regularly to ensure product hygiene, animal welfare and to maximise milk quality. The electro-mechanical components form the basis of the control system of a milking parlour and are replaced periodically, either through usage or to enhance farm efficiency. We also have a range of intelligence products that give farmers management information, allowing them to make more informed decisions to drive farm efficiency, improving every farm we touch.

Our customer base consists mainly of customers buying our own-brand Milkrite | InterPuls products and we also sell to OEMs.

The global market is concentrated in high consumption automated milking markets in North America and Western Europe where we have significant market shares. Potential exists outside these traditional markets, in particular in China, South America, Russia, Eastern Europe and India, all of which are currently experiencing rapidly increasing demand for dairy products which is being satisfied through mechanised milking. To harness this potential we have opened sales and distribution facilities in China and Brazil.


Our products are sold through distributors under our own Milkrite | InterPuls brand. We also manufacture for major OEMs. We excel in product design, materials specification and manufacturing efficiency. We are working to bring a wider range of dairy products to market under our own brands, enhancing the farmer’s view of us as the primary technical solutions provider in the milk extraction process. The success of the innovative mouthpiece vented liner, Impulse Air, continues and this product has established a 29% market share in the US since its launch in 2010 and a 6% market share in Europe since its launch there in 2013.

Product Development

We have invested considerably in the development of products and services.

Our Cluster Exchange service, recently launched in the US and Europe, means Milkrite | InterPuls is a complete solution provider, saving farmers time on low-value tasks, securing our relationships with our customers and managing the liner change cycle. Further opportunities are available for this exciting concept.

During the year we completed our Impulse Air cluster offering with the launch of our Impulse Claw 300. This is an important chapter for the Milkrite | InterPuls brand and completes the transition from liner expert to cluster expert. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes the claw easier to handle and reduces the overall weight of the cluster. In addition, the claw is a combination of quality components made from high quality material which makes it extremely durable.

We also launched our iMilk600 during the year, part of the next generation of intelligence products. iMilk600 is a state-of-the-art milk meter with advanced electronics and reliable sensors. The user-friendly panel displays in real time: milk yield, temperature, milking time, cow number and conductivity. This data can be analysed by the farmer to help maximise profit from the dairy herd.

The acquisition of InterPuls brings capability in the fields of herd management, sensor technology and telemetry, all of which provide opportunities for integration with our existing product range.